Quartz Manitou Stone Site.

The propped boulder shown below is on a ledge overlooking the site.
The boulder is being supported  by 2 stacked stones and has a typical bird's head shape.

The below image shows the support stones.

Below the ledge there is a stone mound with a quartz Manitou stone on the top.

The quartz shows obvious signs of being worked .
 In addition, the quartz was notched to fit against a stone on the right side.
The stone  under the quartz was also notched providing a stable base.

                                                   Close up of the quartz stone.
There is another Manitou stone about 150 feet away from the mound and is placed in
the front of a niche like structure. There are numerous stone piles in between the 2 Manitou stones.

Close up of the Manitou stone.

To the left of the manitou stone there are 2 flat offering stones.
The top of the upper one has a concave surface as can be seen in the image below.

Below are 2 standing stones found at the site.

The below images show a handful of other constructions found at the site.

Walk through video of the site.