This site is located on the top of a very high outcrop.
The first thing you'll see when you get to the top is this perched boulder.

Directly across from the perched boulder is this propped boulder.

Starting from the propped boulder there is a long narrow natural channel that goes for the
 length of the outcrop. These 2 standing stones were placed in the channel.

Another view of the standing stones and the channel.
You can see an additional stone at the very end of the channel.
 That stone is a stone slab being propped up by a Manitou stone

Here is the slab being supported by a Manitou stone.
A large area of the channel under and around the Manitou stone
has been filled in with fist sized stones.

Close-up of the Manitou stone.

This is an eye with a quartz pupil that was found at the bottom of the outcrop.  

Close-up of the eye.
The quartz pupil is a part of the outcrop. It's not an added quartz stone placed inside.

Video walk through of the site