Manitou support stone.

This site is located at the top of a high ledge in Rhode Island
and consists of a perched boulder, a propped boulder,
three standing stones and a small manitou stone propping up a stone slab.

The perched boulder is on the edge of the ledge and marks the south end of the site.

The propped boulder is located 50 feet west of the perched boulder.

Close-up of propped boulder and support stones.

50 feet north of the propped boulder there is a natural wide crevice
running north to south. Two of the standing stones and the manitou stone are located in the crevice.

The manitou stone is the small stone at the top of this image.
The 3 stones line up with the support stone under the propped boulder

Standing stones.

Standing stones.

The third Standing stone located north of
the propped boulder before the start of the crevice..

The manitou stone marks the north end of the site.

Small head and shoulders manitou stone supporting a stone slab.

Close-up of the Manitou stone. A small area around and under the slab has been
filled with fist sized stones to a depth of approximately 12+ inches.

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